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How To Plan A Great Cookie Monster Party


How To Plan A Great Cookie Monster Party

Written By: swarm45
Date: 07/17/2015

Is your kid simply gaga about cookie monster? Then he or she will love it if you planned a party around this theme for their next birthday. Cookie monster is a popular muppet who just can't get enough of cookies, and children of all ages simply adore this popular Sesame Street character.

Cookie Monster Theme invitations

Making party invitations is pretty easy, you can get supplies at your local party planning supply store or on the internet. You can make the invites using a blue construction paper and a couple of cookie monster stickers or clip art. You can write all the party details on the construction paper and add a couple of the clip art or stickers and viola! Your invitation cards are complete! Ensure that you include all the necessary party details such as:

Who you are inviting What party they are being invited for Where the party is taking place Time RSVP

Make sure you send out the invites at least two weeks before the party date.

Party Supplies

You will discover that cookie monster and other Sesame Street party supplies are not at all difficult to find. If you do not want to get themed plates and cups, you can simply use plain blue ones.

You can also get a couple of latex and mylar balloons with a cookie monster on at least one or two of them. Get beautiful party table centerpieces that will look just lovely on the tables. You can also get a lot of inexpensive wall decorations

You have to make sure that you stick strictly to your budget, do not overdo it. There are so many online party supply stores where you can get pretty good bargains on themed party supplies.

Party Activities

The kids will enjoy playing cookie decorating game. You can make lots of cookies and then set out a couple of candy decorations and blue frosting and allow each of the kids come up with a design for his or her own cookie. Allow the kids to decorate as many cookies as they possibly can decorate.

Pin the cookie on the monster - this is an activity that the kids will surely love

piñata - it certainly no secret that piñatas are a huge hit at kiddie parties. You can have your piñata with cookie monster themed sweets, candy treats and other goodies and watch the kids beam in delight when the piñata finally breaks open.

Party Favors

Party favors are a great area of excitement at every party. A good party favor includes lots of cookies and we mean lots of cookies. You will also want to include little toys and trinkets which the kids can play with this can range from tattoos, balloons, stickers, etc..

You can decide to host your cookie monster theme party at your house but if your home is too small to accommodate all the guests you plan to invite, you can host the party at your community club house or recreation center. If you go online, you can also get lots of ideas on what kinds of food and treat will be ideal for a themed party.


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